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Design Community

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Important Dates

Message from the Chairs

It's all about the experience! We experience design and we design experiences!

Design Community is one of the most successful and visible communities at CHI. The focus of CHI 2012 is on the centrality of experience—from the models, theories and practical insights we need to understand and design for user experience to the irreplaceable value of experiencing innovation in our field through hands-on interactivity.

The practice of design is at the core of the pursuit of human-technology, and human-computer interaction. Design is the manifest of human intentions. We design our everyday experience - what, where, who, when and how we interact with people, products, systems, software, hardware, and the environments. Design is about making things that help us shape our experience in life, both within the physical and the digital realms. Design is the integration of arts and sciences. Design is what we all do.

We have much to offer CHI and much to learn from others who come to CHI. This conference offers an opportunity to share your experience and methods with other like-minded designers and design thinkers.

For a summary of all CHI 2012 submission types, see the Contribute page.

Ellen Yi-Luen Do, GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology
Patrick Olivier, Culture Lab, Newcastle University


CHI 2012 will offer a place to discuss advancements in the field of Human-Computer Interaction design and to explore interesting issues of methods, tools, and experiences. We hope to stimulate discussion both within the community and with other communities as well as the broader design community of academics, researchers and practitioners that are involved in every aspect of Design.

The CHI 2012 Design Community co-chairs will help design researchers and practitioners find appropriate venues for the presentation of advanced approaches, thought-provoking communication, and interaction between research and practice, whether the submission is a debate, a description of a new method, an interesting case study, or some other presentation format. We will also try to help you find other people who may be interested in participating with you.

We expect that there will be many related themes and activities offered by the other CHI communities participating in this conference. We strongly encourage you to submit multi-community proposals that address the understanding, analysis, evaluation of design experience, engineering, management, and research.

We encourage members of the design community, inclusive of researchers and practitioners in design, usability, engineering, and management disciplines, to submit directly to the Design Community. Submissions to the Design Community are peer reviewed by design practitioners. Accepted works will appear in the CHI2012 Extended Abstracts disk and in the ACM Digital Library (please see acceptance criteria below).

While contributions to the design community are focused on design methods, concepts, and implementations, work in these areas is also appropriate and welcome in other conference venues. Please review the submission guidelines for each venue before you formulate your contribution and decide to which venue it is best suited.

Topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • systems, methods, and tools for HCI design;
  • techniques for interaction design and other domains;
  • human-centered computing issues for user interactions;
  • theories and procedures to analyze or generate interaction for design;
  • the roles of creativity and innovation in design process;
  • understanding, representing and reasoning about HCI design
  • design experience and experience design;
  • tools and techniques for design artifacts to support design;
  • interaction with design software;
  • design methods for interactivity;
  • toolkits and practices for interaction design.

Types of Submission

We urge you to submit material to one or more of the following forums:


Also, we are always looking for additional design practitioners and researchers to review specific submissions. If you call yourself a designer and would like to make yourself available to review a few submissions, then please volunteer as a reviewer via the PCS Submission System.


CHI Workshops take place on Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th. They present an opportunity to connect with other researchers and practitioners on a specific topic area. Workshops aim at deepening our understanding of specific topics through interactive presentations, discussions, and break-out sessions, facilitated by the workshop organizers. The submission deadline for workshop participants is January 9, 2012.

Preparing Your Submission

You must prepare your submission in the format that is required for each type. Please use the term "design" in the title, abstract, or author's keywords to help us get it to appropriate reviewers. You can contact us at if you have questions about design submissions. Please check the due dates of your submission type, read the requirements for your submission ideas, and start now. Good luck. We hope to see your work in Austin!