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Engineering Community

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Message from the Chairs

As the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) matures, engineering approaches become more important. Engineering emphasizes the application of scientific knowledge and rigorous design methodology to reliably predict and, thus, help improve the consistency, usability, economy and safety of solutions to practical problems. In HCI, engineering approaches are broad, but have three major areas of development and application: (1) structured methodologies for interactive system design and evaluation that will enable the more rapid, consistent and reliable development of new interactive systems; (2) methods, languages, models and tools to support the application of scientific knowledge of human characteristics to improve interactive systems; (3) new software and hardware technologies that enable effective solutions to design problems. These areas share the engineering values of rigor, appropriate quantification, and a concern for practical effectiveness.
The community of professionals who share interest in advancing engineering in HCI is broad. We invite you to join us if you are:

  • Software engineers, developers, designers, architects, or managers, who are actively engaged in designing and building interactive software for any context of use;
  • Researchers in new methods and tools based on engineering principles for producing better quality interactive applications in a way that is more reliable and economical;
  • Researchers who develop methods for predicting or evaluating how human characteristics determine the performance of interactive systems;
  • Researchers in new interaction devices, techniques and architectures.
  • Educators who prepare students for careers related to software engineering and HCI.
  • Software professionals who work on tools and systems for building, designing, and evaluating interactive applications .

The methodical approach of engineering work lends itself well to interchanges between those who work on engineering applications and those who work in engineering research or education. If you see your work as relevant to our Engineering Community there are many types of forums where you can share your results and your experience, learn from others, and participate in lively discussions.

Please make at least one submission to the forums listed below to increase the knowledge of important engineering advances in HCI. We look forward to getting to know you at our engineering sessions that will be scheduled in the CHI 2012 conference program.

See you in beautiful Austin!

Ruven Brooks & Fabio PaternĂ²
engineering@chi2012.acm .org