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Locals' Night

Come and see what CHI's all about! If you're local to Austin but not attending the conference, you can still come to an exciting evening of demonstrations and videos. Just visit the registration web site to sign up (the registered cost is $15 or $20 cash-only at the door).

Tuesday 8th May 5:00pm - 8:30pm: Locals' Night Interactivity Showcase -- more than 50 installations of technology demos, digital art and other thought-provoking interactive experiences, including Roger Ibars' Hard Wired Devices collection, a collection of vintage control devices that explores the interface cultures of computer gaming and home appliances. At 7pm interactivity will close and you will be invited to a special evening showing of the CHI video program combined with a welcome to CHI.

Note that if you are registered for the conference there is no need to register for Locals' Night as it is already included.

Register for Locals' Night