Lifetime Achievement in Research Award: Dan Olsen

Special Events

May 10, 2012 @ 09:30, Room: Ballroom D

Chair: Brad A. Myers, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Lifetime Achievement in Research Award: Dan Olsen, Creating the Digital Future: the Role of Interactive Systems - Special Events
Abstract » The creation of a new interactive platform is the creation of a medium for expression. It empowers others to create and deliver value in ways that once were too difficult, too inconvenient or too expensive. The introduction of a new interactive platform changes what is feasible and possible. As we consider research into future interactive systems, what are the lessons we can learn from past success. How will we invent the next medium for interactive expression?

BIO: Dan Olsen Jr. is a Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University and was the first director of the CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute at CMU. He is one of the earliest and most influential researchers in the user interface software domain. His first contributions were in using formal language techniques (such as finite state machines and Backus-Naur Form) to specify the syntactic structure of a user interface. He has published three books on user interface software: “Building Interactive Systems: Principles for Human-Computer Interaction,” “Developing User Interfaces,” and “User Interface Management Systems: Models and Algorithms.” His 1988 MIKE system was an early and influential system for automatically generating a user interface from semantic specifications. Dan has continued to make important research contributions and novel systems in a wide variety of areas, from CSCW to Interactive Machine Learning, and developing Metrics and Principles for Human-Robot Interaction. Dan has also received CHI's Lifetime Service Award for his many years of service on behalf of the SIGCHI community. He was the founding editor of TOCHI, and played a key role in establishing the UIST conference and in making it one of the most successful SIGCHI conferences.