Invited: Child Computer Interaction SIG - Postcards and Conversations

SIG Meeting

May 7, 2012 @ 14:30, Room: 11B

Invited: Child Computer Interaction SIG - Postcards and Conversations - SIG Meeting
Contribution & Benefit: The networking event for the Child Computer Interaction community, especially designed to welcome new comers in the field, and to allow lots of informal and personal interaction.
Abstract » This special interest group provides the forum for an unofficial gathering of the Child-Computer Interaction community for CHI 2012. Its aim is to provide a venue for structured discussions and networking. Particularly, it aims to support newcomers to this community and to CHI 2012, to acquire an overview of people, topics, and trends that are active in the area. Further, it aims to attract participants with an active interest in the topic of child computer interaction to engage in the various activities of this community, in and outside CHI 2012.