Indy R&D: Doing HCI Research off the Beaten Path


May 9, 2012 @ 09:30, Room: Ballroom F

Indy R&D: Doing HCI Research off the Beaten Path - Panel
Contribution & Benefit: Indy R&D is an accelerating practice combining real-world concerns with academic curiosity. We provide practical tips to help decide if it's right for you, and help you get started.
Abstract » This panel discusses independent research and development in HCI. We focus on possible models for Indy R&D operations, supporting infrastructures, practical methods, and taking advantage of academic skills in the transition. Panel participants have experience in several different models of funding, conducting, and disseminating results from independent research. We will provide the audience with practical tips to help them decide if Indy R&D is right for them, and if so, help them do it.