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Recruiter Information

View CHI 2012 recruiters

CHI 2012 provides special support for recruiting by offering organizations the opportunity to rent exhibit booth space for this purpose. Informal interview areas are available to recruiters renting exhibit booth space. A complimentary conference registration is also included with each booth rental.

For more information on renting a recruiting booth, please contact

Click here for a list of CHI 2011 recruiters.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Recruiting efforts are further enhanced by becoming a conference sponsor. For more detailed information about this and the many other advantages of sponsoring, please click here or contact the Sponsors and Exhibits Coordinator, at

CHI 2012 Champion Recruiters

Autodesk (booth 33 and recruiting board)

Bloomberg (booths 1-2 and recruiting board)

eBay / PayPal (booths 6-8 and recruiting board)

Google (booths 31-32 and recruiting board)

Microsoft (booths 36-38 and recruiting board)

SAP (booth 10 and recruiting board)

CHI 2012 Contributing Sponsor Recruiters

Facebook (booth 24 and recruiting board)

Nokia (see recruiting board)

CHI 2012 Other Recruiters

Bestica, Inc (booth 19)

Citrix Systems, Inc (booth 28)

Door64 (booth 26)

Intel (booth 21 and recruiting board)

Iowa State University (see recruiting board)

Northrop Grumman (booth 3 and recruiting board)

Samsung (booth 22 and recruiting board) 

University of Colorado, Boulder (booth 25)