Course 18: Social Interaction Design for Online Video and Television


May 8, 2012 @ 14:30, Room: 13A

Course 18: Social Interaction Design for Online Video and Television - Course
Contribution & Benefit: Will teach you how to analyze, design and evaluate social interaction for online video and television, giving practical tools, techniques and guidelines to apply directly in your own work.
Abstract » Web applications with video content as well as television sets including network connections have become increasingly popular. The social nature of watching video and television drives developers of both types of applications to explore the integration of successful social media like Facebook or Twitter with streaming video. Moreover, several apps are being created for smartphones and tablets, which act as a second screen that allows remotely communicating with friends while watching. These types of applications can be called social TV, allowing remote viewers to interact with each other via the television set, smartphones, tablets or the PC. Features include remote talking or chatting while watching television, sending recommendations, leaving comments, showing what you watch or sharing video clips.

This course studies current developments on social television and online video applications, providing participants first hand knowledge on how to analyze, design and evaluate them. The term ‘sociability’ is used to indicate these interface aspects that support and enhance social interaction with and through new technologies and applications, and social interaction design is a way of including these sociability aspects in the design process. The specific nature of social video watching, such as enjoying a television program while communicating or using television content as conversation starter, warrant the use of a specific design process and guidelines, focusing on social interaction and sociability.

During the course, participants will learn in a very practical way how to design and evaluate social features of these emergent applications. Based on their extensive experience in designing and performing user tests of social television, and using real world examples, the instructors will explain the practical issues and will highlight key challenges for the CHI community.