Course 23: Agile UX Toolkit


May 9, 2012 @ 09:30, Room: 14

Course 23: Agile UX Toolkit - Course
Community: engineering
Contribution & Benefit: Skills and tactics for experienced UX practitioners and managers to successfully adapt user-centered design practices to integrate into an agile team.
Abstract » As more organizations adopt agile development practices, UX practitioners want to ensure that the resulting products are still designed with users in mind, using data elicited from observed user behaviour. This course teaches basic, proven methods to adapt and integrate user-centered design practices into agile teams.

The course is for experienced UX practitioners and managers who work on agile teams, or who will be transitioning to agile. Although prior experience with agile methods is not needed, there will be only a brief background description of agile methodology, so prior knowledge of these methods would be an asset. The course does not focus on a particular agile methodology.

We will teach agile adaptations to the timing, granularity, and communication of user centred design methods, with a particular focus on methods to interactively elicit observed user behavior (such as contextual inquiry, and formative usability testing and rapid prototyping).

Participants in this tutorial will learn:

• advantages of a healthy agile UX practice over waterfall UX

• skills and attitudes to hone to do user-centred design on an agile team

• how to collaborate with other agile team members

• parallel-track/”staggered sprint” timing of agile UX activities

• how to break both UX work and design implementation into iteration-sized chunks

• tactics for incorporating user research into agile projects

• how to communicate effectively with agile teams

• some suggestions for improving non-co-located agile teamwork