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PCS Submission Instructions

A schedule of all due dates can be found on the Submissions page.

Please note that the details below are screen shots from the PCS site. You need to follow the instructions using the PCS site to make a submission. Start by visiting

  1. Log in at 
  2. If you haven't used PCS before, click on "First time using the system? Create your own account". If you've forgotten your User ID or Password, click on "Forgot your User ID and Password? Look it up here." You should see the following:
    • NOTE: Not all welcome screens will look the same, however the same menu will be there (for instance, if you have recently made a submission, it will open in “submissions in progress” as opposed to “my account”)
  3. Click on "Submit to <Venue>" where <Venue> is the name of the author venue to which you are submitting (e.g., "Papers and Notes", "Panels", "Case Studies", "Interactivity", etc.). You should see something like the following (submission forms are slightly different in different venues):
    • NOTE: If you are not already in the new submissions area of the site, please click on that link in the menubar – if you don’t, you won’t see this screen
  4. You should see this page to confirm that you want to submit to the specific paper/note:
  5. The next step gives you your submission number. You should normally click on “continue with the submission right now”:
  6. Enter the title of your submission:
  7. Next scroll down to enter the authors of the submission. As you enter text into the "Given Name" "Family Name" or "email address" field, the system will show a list of known PCS accounts that are similar to what you are entering. If the correct account is shown, click on it to have those fields automatically filled in. The email field is how PCS associates a submission to a PCS user account. So, the fastest way to get a list that contains the correct account is to enter the email address of the PCS account. Once you select an account from the list, the "Given Name" "Family Name" and "email address" fields are filled in. As you enter text for "Country", the closest matching countries will be displayed in a popup list. Select one and it will fill in the "Country" field.
  8. Everything will autocomplete EXCEPT for “primary affiliation”. You will have to click within the “primary affiliation” box and choose the appropriate affiliation from the provided drop down list:
  9. Continue to enter author information as in the screenshot below. If a PCS account does not exist, simply fill in the fields manually. Later, the system will ask you to either match the name to an existing account or create a new account.
  10. After you've completed the rest of the submission form, click on "Submit" at the bottom of the screen. You can submit partial information at any time and go back later to fill in the remaining information. After you submit, you will see a submission confirmation screen that describes any missing information, such as the following:
  11. Click on "Have the system help to resolve your co-author accounts." You'll see a screen that lists each unknown co-author and possible PCS accounts that match. Select an existing account or create a new account. If you found matching accounts, you're done with this. Or you can enter an email address to try again to find the closest matching PCS account. If there is no match, the system will again state that the account doesn't exist and offer to help you resolve it.
  12. This is what will come up if the affiliation needs to be resolved/completed:
  13. This is a confirmation that you have updated a coauthor or affiliation for the submission:
  14. Once all of the coauthors have been affiliated with PCS accounts, and other coauthor information has been completed, the submission confirmation screen will look like this:

Instructions updated and new screen shots provided by Nina Soo Onesti. Please contact the webmaster with any problems or queries.